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DAN Brazil is a medical and research nonprofit dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers organization.

Founded in 2008 , DAN Brazil is an affiliate of the Divers Alert Network ( DAN ) , which has served as a " lifeline " for the diver community , operating the only 24-hour emergency line , a vital service for injured divers. Additionally , DAN operates a medical information line , conducts vital research on diving medicine , and develops and delivers educational programs enumeros for everyone from novice divers to medical professionals .

DAN Brazil remains through the quotas of members and donations . In return, members receive numerous benefits including R $ 200,000 / $ US100.000 for assistance in medical emergency removal .

- The Mission of DAN Brazil

DAN Brazil assists the divers with medical emergency assistance and promotes diving safety through research , education , products and services . Brazil DAN exists to provide expert information and guidance for the benefit of scuba public. First , the main historical function of DAN is to promote emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries , to work to prevent accidents and promote diving safety . Second , DAN promotes and supports underwater surveys and particularly if related to the improvement of diving safety , medical treatment and first aid . Third , DAN strives to provide the most accurate , current and unbiased information on issues of common interest to the diver , mostly public, but not exclusively, for diving safety . Brazil DAN is Your Dive Safety Association .

- The Vision of DAN Brazil

Make every dive , accident-free . Brazil DAN strives to be the most recognized and accredited in the world in the areas of diving safety and emergency , health, research, and education for its members , instructors , sponsors and the community in general diving services organization. " Your Safety Association of Diving " , DAN Brazil currently has over 1500 members.

- Join DAN Brazil

DAN Brazil assists the divers in emergency situations , and promotes diving safety through research, education , products and services . Membership is open to residents in Brazil , Brazil DAN want to help you achieve your goals , which are accepted by the Board , and to remain current with dues and any other charges .

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In cooperation with DAN America , DAN Brazil offers members access to:

Line of DAN Medical Information +1-919-684-2948
Medical Research Diving DAN
Medical DAN Dive and Travel Guide
DAN & Seminars and Educational Material
DAN Training Programs & CME
Dive Report - Free access to the annual reports of DAN diving accidents
An important benefit of the combination DAN Brazil is participation in the program Travel Assistance DAN Brazil ( Brazil TravelAssist DAN ) . If a member suffers a medical emergency while traveling, the DAN Brazil TravelAssist provides several important services to help manage the situation , including , in some cases , removal and emergency hyperbaric treatment .

The cost per member is U.S. $ 249.00 per year.