See some dive sites located in Guarapari, ES below:

Victory Wreck B

Boat abandoned Greek flag on Victoria Harbour with barrels of oil on board, creating risks of an ecological accident. Was included in the Draft Marine Artificial Reefs of the Holy Spirit (RAM-ES), being in charge of their preparation Clean up Day Foundation was sunk on 03/07/2003 between Rasas Islands and Isle Escalvada. Released only to contemplative or recreational diving because the law forbids diving with some equipment.

The ship was donated to the State of the Holy Spirit, by the customs of Victoria Harbour, agency of the Department of Finance, after having been decreed its forfeiture by the courts.

Wreck Beluccia

Bellucia was a steam vessel , UK citizens, which sank in 1903-7 miles from the coast , when traveling from Santos to New Orleans . Is split in half , with the bow and stern separated by a distance of approximately 100 meters, which makes the full recognition of the wreck in a single dive . As the currents are frequently on site to program the dip is advisable to check the tide , and that this diving is only recommended for advanced divers with PADI .

It is considered one of the best diving spots in the region , due to the beautiful view , besides the large amount marine life . He is sunk near Rasas Islands , and are seen its propeller, boiler and various compartments . Onsite , are seen many shoals that inhabit the place .

With depth ranging from 22 to 28m and visibility can reach 20m .
When programming the dive this wreck , check before the tide because the currents are frequent on site.

Island Escalvada

Situated 6 miles from the coast, the island has a lighthouse, when it was modernized, had the old steel drums that stored gas thrown into the sea, making it a curious observation point for divers. It is ideal for practicing drift dive (diving current) and night diving, and among the species found are corals, sponges, starfish, brothers, Parus, trumpets, lobster, octopus, moray eels and damsels.